Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Crit

We had the crit last week and discovered that our music video needs alot of work to be able to gain the grade and look that we originally wanted. As we knew already we need much more close-ups of the band as it is there first music video and we need to introduce them to the target audience. Also we need to make more of the narrative to break up all the performance shots we have. We developed a storyline in which the guy is caught flirting with all three of the band members and the girls decide to tie him up. We decided that we would like to end the video with a pan down of him sitting there on his own and the band members leaving him. We have done the reshooting and plan to do as much editing as possible to achieve a much more polished and sophisticated look. When doing the shooting i tried to get as many angles as possible and a variety of different shoots as i believe this is what our music video was missing. I hope that i will be able to put all these new shoot into our music video and create a much better video than what we have already.

Friday, 12 February 2010

We have done our filming and editing and will be taking part in a crit that will give us feedback onour video and digpacks. This will enable us to see what others think and see what changes we need to make to improve ourmusic video. We have already shown it to a few people and seen that we need to include more close-up of the band members to help establish the characters and more of a narrative. We have planned a reshoot in a weeks time and hopefully achieve all the shots need to make our music video of high quality.

New images of Tainted Reality

These are some new images of our girl band 'Tanited Reality' we tried to make them similar
to our previous pictures as we think they represent the images that we want to portray for our girl band. Due to our lead singer leading the band we had to recreatethe pictures with new lead singer. We are happy with the way they look as we feel they show the image of the band as rocky and sexy.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


This is our poster that we have created to advertise our bands album. We feel that this goes well with the digpack and the theme of the band. We are pleased with how it looks and like the fact that you are able to see all the band members faces. We feel like the band portrays a rocky and sexy image that we were trying to achieve and particularly like the fact that none of them are smiling. It is quite a plain poster which is what we wanted as we just wanted to introduce the band first. We played with the contrast of the black and white as we wanted it to stand out. I feel we have stuck to our theme of the bands image which is black and white and that the target audience will be able to identity them.


This is our bands digpack which will include the album and a DVD of the music video. We are very pleased with the design as we feel it represents our band theme and fits the look that we were trying to achieve. It has the clear theme of black and white but also has a girly pattern which helps the band identify with its target audience. We included two images of the band as we want their audience to really get to know the band members faces and personalities. We played with the contrast on these pictures to make the colours attract attention and stand out. We decided on the idea of putting the guitar image in as it show the audience that they aren't just another pop girl band and have more of an egde. The image also represents their personailty as it's rocky but girly with the pink stickers.