Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Crit

We had the crit last week and discovered that our music video needs alot of work to be able to gain the grade and look that we originally wanted. As we knew already we need much more close-ups of the band as it is there first music video and we need to introduce them to the target audience. Also we need to make more of the narrative to break up all the performance shots we have. We developed a storyline in which the guy is caught flirting with all three of the band members and the girls decide to tie him up. We decided that we would like to end the video with a pan down of him sitting there on his own and the band members leaving him. We have done the reshooting and plan to do as much editing as possible to achieve a much more polished and sophisticated look. When doing the shooting i tried to get as many angles as possible and a variety of different shoots as i believe this is what our music video was missing. I hope that i will be able to put all these new shoot into our music video and create a much better video than what we have already.

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